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Film Review: Kodak Portra 180

By June 05, 2021Article

Film Review: Kodak Portra 180

In my quest to improve my film photography, i’m testing out as many different film stocks as possible, reviewing the results and trying to improve my practice. 

This is my second ever roll of professional film, Kodak Portra 180. I’ve decided to share the full roll to show you my mistakes and the results from errors like missed focus and light leaks, which occur when the camera back is opened before the film is fully re-wound. 

The roll: 36 Shots, 35mm Film shot at ASA/ISO 180.

So here is the whole roll, I’ve added some captions which describe the image when you hover over it. The roll is shown in the order shot.

Please enjoy!

All images copyright © Nicholas Veasey 2021

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